Our Mission

At Cinamonne we help parents give their baby the best possible start in life

We work to achieve our mission by providing access to vetted, high-quality baby gear at a much more affordable price than buying it new.

Why start Cinnamonne?

Anxiety. Stress. Sleeplessness. Self-doubt. Inexperience. The list of challenges when having a newborn is endless. Too often cost and money is yet another barrier. At Cinnamonne, we wanted to do our part in helping parents on their journey, regardless of their financial situation.

Our journey begins with prams

We started the company as a group of young parents in London going through our own parenting struggles. We needed to start somewhere in our path to make giving newborns the best possible start simpler—with prams being one of the most expensive pieces of equipment, we thought this was a great place to build from.